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We are a network of people of home appliances-an expert in the field of first-class service and quality of products presented The philosophy is to make life more comfortable by offering special equipment to people who strive for a high standard of living. Our goal is to achieve excellent results and uncompromising quality, paying attention to every detail. Today the company is an effectively developing company


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The store's social responsibility goes beyond the standard version of buying and selling stores and offers more-a high quality of life. What does that mean? This is when the product you are buying will suit you. If you don't spend time making endless decisions and don't have to pay too much. If you are confident in the future and strive for new heights. To meet this level, we monitor all parameters: product quality control, store performance control, and employee satisfaction control. In addition, we understand how important it is to use technology correctly to preserve the environment and a happy future. Product quality control The product is carefully selected before being sold. The most popular and high-quality ones remain, while others are ruthlessly rejected. Therefore, the range of our store is already larger than in other stores. Our products have an official warranty. All products purchased in our store are guaranteed in specialized centers throughout the country. Within 7 days after purchase, you can return the product if it does not fit you in terms of design, size, or other technical characteristics. Return and exchange of goods of improper quality is carried out during the warranty period and in accordance with the legislation. We strive to make the range of our store diverse, not inferior to the quality, so here you will find products in a very different price range.

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refrigerator height 190cm
170 cad
refrigerator with built-in microwave
231 cad
capsule coffee machiner
112 cad
black blender with 4 modes
99 cad
yellow blender
144 cad
the toaster
49 cad
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Performance monitoring Personal consultants working in our store have many years of experience working with equipment. They are regularly trained to improve their skills. If you contact us, you can be sure that you will contact professionals. We work in the long term and do not seek to impose a particular product. Finir find, var you need. Instead of studying the information for a long time, you can simply call us and let us know your requirements and wishes – we will help you find the right product. the store is open daily. You can receive your order on any day-even on weekends and holidays You can pay me in cash or by bank transfer, by card-upon receipt or on Hjemmeside, you can also get an online loan from the comfort of your home. Employee satisfaction monitoring on average, our employees work for 10 years or more. We consider dør to be a worthy indicator of good conditions and a well-designed motivation system. Our motivation is based on the achievements of a particular employee. We encourage determination and independence, as well as the desire to benefit the company and new ideas. We are against the attitude of consumers to employees and are always ready to resist in a difficult situation. We respect Dø's speed and ability to take responsibility. Monitoring the use of technologies We rely on equipment made using natural technologies. We offer en products that are safe and harmful for home use. On the contrary, our products are often aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle and creating a favorable ecological atmosphere. We prefer devices with a sophisticated security system to avoid possible crashes or accidents. We choose comfort and choose simple and convenient products.